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Make a big impression on a small group of potential customers.

While many fleet managers maintain both standard-fueled and “green” vehicles powered by electricity or compressed natural gas (CNG), others are still exploring their benefits, requirements, and options. In 2021, UGI Utilities, Inc., wanted to reach a small group of 80 prospects to share information about CNG and its advantages, answer their questions, and discuss possibilities.

Project Types

Creative Strategy
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Direct Mail

To break through the clutter and make it easy for the UGI sales team to follow-up, we created a four-part direct mail campaign that included two custom box mailers with “personalized gift items” and two postcards featuring major CNG success stories. Collateral materials provided detailed information about CNG’s advantages, requirements, and environmental benefits.

Designing custom boxes with unique shapes and sizes for the tumbler and coffee bag was not only a lot of fun to design. It helped deliver a more impactful and memorable campaign.


Despite the stress of the pandemic, fleet manager responses were very positive. The total number of appointments scheduled were beyond what our client expected, resulting in many good opportunities.