Featured case study | Gloria GloFish Integrated Launch Campaign

Gloria GloFish Integrated Launch Campaign

Armstrong Flooring

Sustainability Is Why Armstrong Exists Today.



Our client wanted to share their long-overdue story of sustainability.

Armstrong Flooring is known across the world for its high-quality, high-performing, fashion-forward flooring products. What they’re not known for is their history of being long-time practitioners of a circular economy. In fact, many of their competitors were touting their own environmentally friendly successes, though they were relatively new to sustainability compared to Armstrong.

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Having worked with Armstrong on previous efforts, they approached us knowing we could deliver on what they wanted: An anthem video that would tell the company’s sustainability story in a simple, concise, feel-good fashion. Enough with being humble – Armstrong was ready to share their leadership position in sustainability, and we were more than happy to help.

"Thanks for capturing what sustainability means in our company’s past, present, and future. The Anderson Group team doesn’t just work to understand the story you want to tell, they help you to explore it in new ways."

Steve Trapnell , Communications Manager / Armstrong Flooring